Dinesh Kantaria - Ultrasound Specialist

Known as the "Ultrasound Specialist", Dinesh Kantaria (Founder of Capital Health Solutions), has 20+ years of business experience as an entrepreneur. Dinesh has worked in manufacturing, field service, and designing ultrasound equipment in the past for a major ultrasound company. This experience has taught Dinesh the know how when it comes to selecting the right ultrasound for his customers, while keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each brand and model.

His impeccable negotiating skills, industry connections and valuable relationships, allow him to bring the best deals from the manufacturer directly to his Clients.

Why Choose Dinesh as Your Ultrasound Specialist?

  • Ultrasound design experience
  • Deep knowledge of the product and industry for 25+ years
  • Does not need to stick with one brand, instead offer the best value to the customer in terms of product, price, and warranty.
  • Available 24/7 to answer any questions from them or their staff.
  • Understanding of vein physician's clinical needs and the appropriate tools for each.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers who would love to serve as references
  • Equipment sales and Practice Management Consulting customers benefit from all offerings provided by Capital Health Solutions via discounts on purchases and services.

How We Work

Sensible Solutions.

We are equipped with the tools that allow you to find your patient records, marketing ROI's, and trends within seconds. Tools that we use to help you make the right decisions.

Forward Thinking.

Once we have your practice performing to your satisfaction, we'll help you think about a long-term strategy for yourself and your practice whether its an exit strategy or a multi-practice expansion.​

Our Client Strategy.

We realize that each practice is different and we tailor each strategy to best fit the practice and the physician to achieve their goals.​

Beyond The Box.

We strongly believe in innovative and non-traditional methods to accomplish optimal results. We're willing to take the risks that larger agencies are not.