Ultrasound Systems for Cardiology Practices

Cardiac / Echo Ultrasound Equipment

Our goal is to help you choose the equipment that best fits the needs of your practice. We're comfortable working with any manufacturer to help find the perfect equipment for you. Below you'll find what we believe to be the best combination of value and quality available in the cardiology market today.

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Cart-Based Ultrasound Systems for Cardiology Practices

Resona-i9T Ultrasound System for Vein Practices
Resona-i9T Ultrasound System

The Resona I9T Ultrasound System provides a precise display of hemodynamics and high-speed digital signal processing power. This enables clinicians to accurately image from skin line to deepest depths and provide diagnostic information for a wide variety of patient types and conditions,making the Resona I9T uniquely suited for general imaging, vascular, women’s imaging, and shared service applications.

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DC-88/90 Ultrasound System for Vein Practices
DC-88/90 Ultrasound System

The DC-88/90 are the same Ultrasound System and they deliver outstanding performance with advanced capabilities for addressing your diagnostic requirements across a wide range of applications. This System offers Sound Touch Elastography (STE), Ultra-Wideband Non-Linear (UWN+) contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), complete quantitative tools for vascular perfusion analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as Smart Plane CNS.

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DC-70X Ultrasound System for Vein Practices
DC-70X Ultrasound System

Based on insight from ultrasound professionals, the DC-70 ultrasound system with X-Insight is designed to deliver precision imaging and improve efficiencies in today’s demanding ultrasound environment.

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Portable Ultrasound Systems for Cardiology Practices

M8 Elite Portable Ultrasound Systems for Vein Practices
M8 Elite Ultrasound System

The M8 Elite diagnostic ultrasound system offers users a fully-featured platform with premium image quality. Advanced system processing and newly designed adaptive algorithms raise the bar to a new level of overall performance.

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MX7 - Dedicated Portable Ultrasound System for Vein Practices
MX7 - Dedicated Portable Ultrasound System

MX7 facilitates accurate diagnoses based on the leading-edge ZST+ platform while supporting efficient workflow with total customizable touch screen. Ultra-light main unit and super-long 8h battery time empower usage at any mobile clinical environment.

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