Vein Practice Consulting

Why us

Can you able to sustain the value of your practice, even after you decide to slow down or phase out from your day-to-day practice?
- We Can!

Do you know whether your practice is doing poor or better compare to industry?
- You Will, after our analysis

Why it is important to know how are you doing compare to industry?
- Help you improve, so you can sustain the value of your practice

How do we work?

1. We analyze overall practice and compare with the industry

2. We design a program to measure the efficiency of each part of your practice

3. Based on the analysis result, we show you, if there is room for improvement and how much.

4. We present a plan, how to implement the recommended solutions and the cost.

It’s simple...we help analyze your practice, so you can understand where you are doing better and/or poor compare to industry.

We understand the essential parts of vein practice:

- Marketing the practice to patients and referrals

- Operational efficiency to scale the operation

- Purchasing capital equipment and consumable that match with the clinical and budgetary need

In short, running the tight but professional ship.

Get an Assessment

Get your vein practice assessment, worth $5550, for half!
See how you are doing against industry average

⇒ Marketing budget ROI
⇒ Operational efficiency
⇒ Admin cost
⇒ Consumable and capital equipment cost
⇒ Overall profit/loss

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Our focus

Vein practices. Period. Why do you want a business analyst tell you how to improve your vein practice? Successful vein practice is a critical balance of clinical and cosmetic treatment offering. There are not only numbers but, many other variables affect the overall practice’ performance. We have been working with vein physicians more than fifteen years and understand them and their patients.

Who we work with?

Vein physicians. Our expertise is to provide personalize services to vein physicians. We help them to bring the practice at or above industry average using our know-how in admin, operation, marketing and purchasing.

Purchasing Decision

Treating the vein patients is one thing, but making the decision to select the right capital equipment that ideal for given clinical set up, current and future need, future maintenance cost, and also can fits in budget is where we can able to help you make the right decision and save you thousands!

Operational Efficiency

The main idea is to make the operation scalable. Can your office handle three times more patients’ compare to today with same staff? With very cost effective, no sign up fee, customize practice management and EMR software for vein practice without any long-term contract. Only for our customers!