Reviews & Testimonials

I have first met Dinesh Kantaria at International Vein Congress conference in Miami in 2008. I met several vendors at that conference but he stood out amongst them because he sounded honest and was eager to help people out. Making money was obviously not his top priority. He genuinely wanted to help physicians who were new to the Vein practice. I bought my first Sonosite Micromax US machine in May 2007 from Dinesh, that came with a five year warranty. My practice expanded and I was looking for a second unit so I contacted Dinesh again and bought a second refurbished Sonosite Micromax in June of 2013.

A month after I bought the second unit my first unit that I bought in 2008 crashed. Since my warranty on the unit expired couple of months before that I was panicking and called Dinesh for help after hours. He walked me through step by step to resolve the problem and did not charge me for his services. Who provides that kind of service these days after hours without charging.

Dinesh is very trustworthy, dependable and really cares for his clients. If I need any help in buying equipment or need help with my vein practice, he will be the first person I will be contacting!

  • - Dr. Singireddy, Sukhender / Port Orange, FL, 32127

[Dinesh] is currently deeply involved in restructuring and promoting my medical practice, and is totally dedicated to achieving success. He has instituted and number of creative ideas which I feel will bear fruit with time. He works well with my staff, and has overseen transitions which have been smooth and problem-free. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

  • - Mark Issacs M.D.