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Resona-i9T Diagnostic Ultrasound System

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Resona I9T Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Ultrasound Reimagined

Breaking the mold of conventional ultrasound systems and bringing usability and ergonomics into the limelight, the Resona I9T provides an entirely new experience that is driven by innovation. The new system features innovative design elements such as an intelligent iConsole control panel, customizable E-Ink keys, and a fully free-floating user interface to help minimize fatigue during scans. The Resona I9T Ultrasound System features a modular design for convenient serviceability, a two-hour continuous scanning battery, and a quiet operating experience.

Powered by Mindray’s revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+), the Resona I9T System boasts advanced ultrasound capabilities that provide a harmonic balance of resolution and tissue uniformity. With an extensive suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced technologies, the System improves reproducibility, optimizes productivity, and increases consistency for end-users. The Resona I9T Ultrasound System provides a precise display of hemodynamics and high-speed digital signal processing power. This enables clinicians to accurately image from skin line to deepest depths and provide diagnostic information for a wide variety of patient types and conditions, making the Resona I9T uniquely suited for general imaging, vascular, women’s imaging, and shared service applications.

Resona-i9T Ultrasound System


  • 23.8” LED monitor with high-resolution display
  • 15.6” HD intuitive touchscreen with fully-adjustable floating control panel
  • Battery supports up to 2-hours continuous scanning
  • Elevated transducer ports for comfortable connecting
  • UltraViewTM (Off-line analysis software)
  • High capacity battery for standby mode.
  • Tissue Velocity/Energy Imaging (included in TDI option)