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TE5 Ultrasound System

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Smart Design with Innovative Ergonomics

TE5 Ultrasound System

The TE5 ultrasound system is a specialty system with a unique design, where every detail has been taken into consideration to meet the needs of today’s demanding ultrasound environments. With enhanced image quality and an intuitive touch enabled design, the TE5 system is an excellent choice for use across a wide range of clinical applications.

With a slim profile and small footprint cart, the TE5 system is easy to transport from room to room for effortless scanning at the patient’s bedside. In addition, flexible mounting options for the wall or tabletop are available.

With the importance of infection control, the TE5 system’s seamless touch screen and auto lock feature prevents residue buildup and makes it easy to clean and disinfect even during exams.

TE5 Ultrasound System


  • eSpacial Navi™
  • iNeedle+™
  • iVocal Voice Control
  • Wide Range of Transducers
  • Dual Comparison
  • High Definition (HD) Touch Screen
  • Gesture-Based Workflow
  • Powerful Data Management